What is Wasteland King?

Wasteland King (WK) is the fight for control of our country. When the event starts, the opposing states we will face are revealed on the event page. It is a 24-hour event, starting 10 hours after reset on Ace Commander Day 6. The alliance that holds the Zenith Hub for 8 consecutive hours is immediately declared the winner. If no alliance accomplishes this, the winner will be the alliance with the longest total occupation time during the 24-hour event.
If Alliance "A" occupies the Zenith Hub and Alliance "B" occupies one or more turrets, those turrets will continuously fire on the Hub, causing permanent troop loss to Alliance A's troops in the Hub. If Alliance A can occupy the Zenith Hub in Alliance B's state, then Alliance A will get a shield protecting their own Zenith Hub, and no longer needs to occupy it with troops.
In some states, alliances may fight each other AND the players in opposing states for control of the Zenith Hub. States that choose to cooperate and fight together, must have all players who occupy the turrets and Hub in one alliance, so they don't fire upon each other. In S:564, all defenders join SFU.

During Wasteland King, you can relocate to any location in one of the opposing states. However, you can only attack the Zenith Hub, the four turrets, and everything in the wasteland (mud/black land). Nothing on the green area of the map can be attacked in a foreign state. If you relocate to the wasteland, you can be attacked. A successful attack when in the wasteland of a foreign state will cause you to relocate back to a random location in your home state.
March times are extremely long when attacking the Zenith Hub or one of the four turrets. Generally, it takes about 10-15 minutes or so to march from the edge of the wasteland to the Hub/turret if no speed-ups are used. Therefore, many younger states use the strategy of filling the wasteland with shielded sanctuaries (camps can not be placed in the wasteland) and filling as much of the green area (large enough for an enemy to relocate their sanctuary into) with camps. The further invaders have to travel, the longer each attack takes or the more speed-ups are required.
Older states often rely on the ability of strong players to hit those players who relocate to the wasteland, don't have enough active players to fill the wasteland, or don't want to bother with the trouble of doing it. Those states will have no one (mud sitting) in the wasteland.
**Consider using the Commander Skill First Aid, which converts 30% of casualties into wounded for 30 minutes, until your infirmary capacity is reached.

When using the strategy of filling the mud (mud sitting), it is best to do it with the fewest number of players possible. So, leaving one grid space on the map between sanctuaries allows the mud to be filled with the fewest number of players possible. Since resource tiles can be gathered (5 tiles can be instantly removed by the talent, Swift Gatherer) and zombie lairs attacked, it is best not to rely on these things to block a location in the mud. However, as the mud fills up, zombie lairs may instantly reappear in the same place after being successfully rallied. Resource tiles only re-appear at the usual time that new tiles are generated.
Since everything in the wasteland can be attacked during the Wasteland King event, it is vital that every sanctuary in the mud have shields. Since the strongest players in each state usually participate in this event, even the strongest players located in the mud are at risk of being attacked. A successful attack will instantly relocate the unshielded sanctuary out of the mud. In our state, we ask that all mud sitters have their shields up at least one hour before the event begins. Since Wasteland King can last for up to 24 hours, players mud sitting should use three-day shields or plan to renew their shields before they expire (8 hours + 1 day or 1 day + 8-hour shield is the most common).

Example of perfect mud sitting defense

Wasteland King is not like Nukaland, Valiant Conquest, Reservoir War, or Alliance Clash. Troops injured or lost are not returned for free at the end of the battle. You are responsible for the troops you lose.

Casualties are sent to the infirmaries inside your sanctuary. When your infirmary fills up, they are sent to deep healing. When deep healing fills up, they are sent to the alliance infirmary. When the alliance infirmary is full, all further casualties die and are lost permanently.

Since the strongest players usually participate in Wasteland King, you should expect many casualties when defending your Zenith Hub/turrets by occupying it or attacking one of these locations in the enemy state. This depends on the strength of the players involved, of course.
There are two common strategies used to mitigate this:

Take casualties as normal.
Heal your wounded using the Commander skill Instant Heal, which allows you to heal 10% of your wounded for free each day.

Fill your infirmary FULL of T1 troops or T1 taxis before Wasteland King starts.
During Wasteland King, all of your high-level troop casualties will be sent to deep healing since your regular infirmary space is full. Healing in the regular infirmary costs resources. Healing troops in deep healing is free.



The benefit of using this strategy (#2) is that troops sent to deep healing are counted as dead and give you an additional training speed boost after the Wasteland King event. Combined with the Fast Comeback and Training boost the new governor activates, this can increase troop training speeds to nearly half the time it usually takes. Please note that the number of troops you can train at this accelerated speed is limited.

The downside to using this strategy (#2) is that deep healing takes a long time. You heal with nano potions, which are slowly regenerated over time (for free). While nano potion regeneration is faster when you are active in the game, keep your regular infirmary empty, and do all your daily missions, you should expect it to take a week or so to heal 100,000 troops.

Another downside to this strategy is not having enough room in your infirmary. If the Wasteland King battle turns ugly and you lose more troops than expected, you could end up with permanent troop loss. Please monitor your infirmary/deep healing space carefully when using this strategy.


Personal Event Points: You can get points in three ways. 10,000 points required for maximum rewards. The rewards available vary depending on the State Grade (current ranking).

You get the following points for killing enemy units.

T1 0 points
T2 2 points
T3 4 points
T4 8 points
T5 12 points
T6 16 points
T7 20 points
T8 30 points
T9 40 points
T10 60 points
T11 80 points
T12 100 points

If the battle ends early and you still need points, you can attack players gathering RSS from tiles in the wasteland in foreign states. Be careful not to attack anyone from our state. And be careful of attacking strong players gathering with full marches and heroes. T1 troops will give you no points.

You get the following points for losing units in battles for the Zenith Hub or one of the four turrets

T1 4 points
T2 6 points
T3 8 points
T4 12 points
T5 15 points
T6 20 points
T7 25 points
T8 33 points
T9 45 points
T10 60 points
T11 80 points
T12 100 points

You only get these points when defending the Hub or a turret, or when attacking one of these locations. You do not get points for losing units when attacked in the wasteland.

After the battle is done, you can see the amount of might that you can train with the Fast comeback speed boost active at the bottom of the Earn Points description.

You get up to a maximum of 2,000 points for occupying the Zenith Hub or one of the four turrets.

2 hours' occupation time will give you maximum points.




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