Alliance Showdown

R1-R3 Members

R4-R5 Members

If you are unable to do the individual quests and are frustrated because the other quests are not being reset fast enough to quests that are easier to complete, contact your R5 and ask to be promoted to R4 during Alliance Showdown, so you can help reset quests. Just respect the wishes of the R5!

This is the most important event for some players because the prizes for getting max points are so good. This event can also take many hours of dedication or a good amount of real money to finish. Every point matters in this event, and players are asked to successfully complete as many tasks as possible. Each player has a maximum number of quests they can attempt. Quests that you fail to complete are still counted as an attempt and may take a quest away from a player who could have completed it. Please only accept quests that you know (or have confidence) you can complete.
That said, real life comes first. Emotions can run high with this event because of the many hours or amount of money some players spend to complete the quests. Please be patient with players who are not doing as many or any quests. Please contact your R5 if you have real-life issues that prevent you from participating.
All communications will remain private in the Dead Zone.