S:564 NAP

NAP (Non-Agression Pact or No Attack Pact) is an agreement between member alliances not to attack each other. Alliances join the NAP in S:564 by helping with Wasteland King. Nap members are restricted from attacking other nap member's sanctuaries or resource tiles, and agree to abide by all gathering rules and other state rules in order to maintain their place in NAP.

NAP agreements exist in most states, and vary from state to state. Some states have NAPs based on total might of the alliance, with the top 10 or top 20 alliances in NAP, others have a NAP that covers all alliances in the state, with attacks only possible on players not in alliances (untagged players), and some are similar to ours.

S:564 NAP members:

KOR / KO2 / KO3 / HAN /KZN / kzn / DME /

dme / DMF / DMG / SMR / GnK / gNk / kld /

CoH / ETP / KVB / win / kkk / PMA / pma /