Valiant Conquest

Love it or hate it, Valiant Conquest (VC) comes every two weeks, alternating with Wasteland King (WK). The two states we face in WK are the two states we will face in VC. Players planning on attacking should start looking for good locations to attack as soon as WK is over. Players not planning on attacking need to put up shields and keep them up for the duration of the 24-hour event. Usually, you should use an 8-hour shield to get you into the event, then replace it with a 24-hour shield to get you through it. Depending on your location in the world, you may prefer a 24-hour shield before the event starts, then replace it with an 8 hour shield to get you all the way through it. No matter which you do, you should set an alarm so you don't forget. If you will be busy or are forgetful, you should consider using a 3-day shield.

Things to keep in mind...

When attacking or being attacked by players from one of the two foreign states, your troop losses are 100% temporary. ALL troops will be restored at the end of the event (usually within 10 minutes of the event's ending). Resources lost are not restored. All stolen resources are gone for good.

A state-wide nap is in effect during VC. No attacking any player's sanctuaries or rss gathering in S564. This also applies when attacking in foreign states. Do not attack anyone from our state. Attacks between players of the same state during Valiant are not subject to the rules of Valiant. You get no event points and all troop losses are permanent. Additionally, you will have to pay 1.5 times the cost of (healing/training + stolen resources), per state rules.

Diamond mines will appear on the map at the time VC begins, and will renew every two hours. Gather diamonds like any other resources. Follow gathering rules, as you do for food, wood, steel, and gas. The first to march claims the diamond mine. However, if the other player is from another state, attacks are permitted and encouraged. Scouting first is recommended, as some players may be gathering with an overwhelming force.

Event points are received for killing the troops of players from other states and gathering resources from other states. If you wish to get points but do not want to take the risk of attacking, you can relocate to a foreign state with your shield up and gather resources. Keep in mind that your shield will protect your sanctuary but not your gathering troops. Gathering closer to the mud is risky, and using T1 taxis or watching for attacks is advised.

Since stolen resources are not returned at the end of VC, protecting your resources is very important. Losing resources makes our enemies stronger. If you can't use a shield for some reason, you can protect your resources in several different ways...

You can also protect up to five full marches of troops. Don't just let your troops die! You can garrison one march of troops in the Alliance Fort or any of the 5 Alliance Outposts. These can not be attacked by foreign invaders. You can also send one full march of troops to the alliance resource (food/wood/steel/gas)--(Depending on your gathering time, you may finish gathering before the end of VC). The other marches can be sent to reinforce other players who will be shielding in place for the duration of the event. Our goal as a state is to win more points than the other states, so protecting your troops will deny attackers of points that they would have otherwise received for killing your troops.

1. Store your resources in the Alliance Warehouse. This warehouse can NOT be attacked by foreign invaders during VC.

2. Do major upgrades before VC, or otherwise use up the resources that exceed the protected cap in your sanctuary warehouse.

3. Store your resources with another reliable player. You will have to pay transport tax, but if you have to choose between losing 25% of your resources or losing 100%, which will you take?

Valiant Conquest (Attacking)

If you have no resources to steal, VC is an excellent time to test your strength. Since the troops you lose are fully restored at the end of the event, it is a great time to practice attacking or test how strong you are. It is also a good time to steal resources from other players, as resources have often been stolen from us. This section will give some basic information on attacking as well as a few strategies for doing it.

1. As stated above, there is a state-wide nap in place during Valiant. Please make sure your targets are players from out of state, whether attacking invaders in our state or invading other states and attacking players there. Usually, the names of sanctuaries from other states are displayed in red, but I have seen times when they have not been. Check your targets because the consequences of breaking nap and attacking players from S:564 are expensive.

2. You can relocate to one of two states to attack during VC for up to four hours at a time. When the time is up, you will be automatically returned to this state. If you desire, you can immediately return to the state you were in, go to the other state to continue your adventures, or stay in S:564. It is advised that you bookmark your usual location in DME before you leave, so you can easily find your way home. Tap/Click on your sanctuary and select ☆Bookmark.

3. When you are looking for a good place to attack, you should always make sure you have a place to escape to. If someone tries to attack you from their location or relocates to attack, you can avoid the attack by using direct relocate before the attack reaches your sanctuary. Just tap on a blank area of the map and select relocate. Some players scout out safe areas near the edge of the map to bookmark as places to run to. Other players relocate nearby, to avoid the attack, then use random relocate to get out of the area. Do not use random relocate to avoid an attack, as it will immediately bring the attacker's troops to your sanctuary.

4. As stated above, the two states we face during Wasteland King will be the two states we face during Valiant Conquest. So, you have a full week to look the states over and decide where you want to attack and where you want to run to if attacked. Use the time wisely and bookmark locations so you are all set to go when VC begins.

5. When you attack or scout someone, you are boosted by War Frenzy (top of Sanctuary Boosts), and will not be able to activate you shield or return to our state S:564 until War Frenzy ends. Make sure you have a place to go to cool off. War Frenzy usually lasts 10-15 minutes after your last scout/attack.

6. If you have a farm account, you can put a 24-hour shield on it and take it with you to the state you are invading. After attacking someone or several someones there and stealing their resources, transfer the goods to that farm account. That way, even if someone successfully attacks you, they will not be able to steal any resources from you. Farm accounts can be made by creating an account in another state then immigrating to S:564 when it reaches HQ 15.

Opponents on game date June 22-23:
S:568, S:612, S:617, S:650

S:568 ??:??
S:612 ??:??
S:617 ??:??
S:650 ??:??

RSS tile times (by state)